The Hope That Springs From Easter

Easter 1

“I challenge you to look at the designs in our two Easter 2019 ranges without feeling uplifted,” enthuses Card Connection’s Creative Director, Kelly Courtenay. “The positive sentiments just shine through!”

The trend for sending cards at Easter time began way back in the 1890’s, firstly with postcards but then as greeting cards, when they became the popular format for sending best wishes.
“Though it began with exclusively religious images, the season quickly broadened with monochrome images for children to colour in that included the Easter Bunny, eggs, chicks and lambs,” Kelly explains, “So although at heart it’s a Christian festival, in greeting card terms it’s become a wider celebration of spring, renewal and the rebirth of nature.”
Card Connection’s ranges reflect this, with cards ranging from the overtly religious and traditional adult sends, to cute and fun imagery for children, plus a number of broad contemporary designs suitable for all.
“The fresh, bright spring colour palette is key to a good Easter card,” explains Kelly. “Our ranges should radiate the two Easter themes of hope and promise as Easter and Spring signal an end to the long dark days of winter!”