Franchising FAQs

How much capital do I need?

  • We only have existing established territories for sale, for which you will need a minimum of around £50,000 depending, of course, on the size of the outgoing franchisee’s business. You will also need working capital to ensure continued growth of your business (we recommend a figure of 20% of turnover for working capital). We are well known to Franchising sections of the major banks and we will happily introduce you to one or more of these banks for assistance with your financial requirements.

What else is required to operate a Card Connection Franchise?

  • You will require a single/double garage or a small storage unit depending on size of franchise territory being purchased. This is required for the picking and packing of cards for each outlet. An iPad and a (small) van will also be required upon which the Card Connection livery will need to be applied.

Is this a full time franchise?

  • Yes.  Our product range and customer base has grown to such an extent that is is impossible to provide the required levels of service without being fully devoted to the business. There is a certain amount of flexibility, so for example it’s possible to attend your children’s sports day and work around that.

How many franchisees do you have?

  • We currently have over 53 franchisees, covering the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Are you a member of any Franchise Associations?

  • Yes we are full members of both the British Franchise Association (since 1995), and the Irish Franchise Association (since 1996).

What training do I get after I’ve taken over my territory?

  • You will be allocated a Franchise Manager, who will provide on-going support and continual ‘on the job training’.  Additionally, we have a regional meeting every year as well as our annual conference.

Are franchisee profit figures realistic?

  • Yes, all the figures we quote are based on actual performance.  They are not based on theoretical levels or on what our best franchisees have achieved.  Having said this, no franchisor can guarantee an individual franchisee’s success.

Who are your National Accounts?

  • We have around 100 National Accounts, which include BP Simply Food, Budgens, Londis, Spar & Nisa

Do I need to be a sales person?

  • The natural ability to sell is essential but a sales background is not a requirement.  Our franchisees come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Our franchisees do, however, share the passion for their franchise and the ability to communicate well, enjoy meeting people and have lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Are your cards suitable for all types of retail outlets?

  • Yes we would say so! Our cards sell well in most types of outlet from convenience stores to forecourts.  We are currently supplying more than 12,000 outlets in the UK and Ireland and have won awards for the service levels provided by our franchisees.

Are your card designs original?

  • Yes.  One of Card Connection’s main strengths is its fantastic product range.  We have our own in-house creative team who have a reputation for originality and creativity with new designs.

What is the size of your range?

  • The Card Connection range is tailored for broad appeal .  Our ‘Everyday’ range includes Birthday, Humour, Occasions (Anniversary, Good Luck etc), ages (21, 60 etc), as well as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day and Christmas cards.  

How do you display your products?

  • Cards are displayed typically on card racks and spinners.  Increasingly these fixtures belong to the retailer, but we do supply card racks, spinners, seasonal display units and various other freestanding display solutions.

Can I talk to your franchisees?

  • Yes, but only after we have conducted an initial interview with you.  You will then be allowed to freely choose whom you speak to.  You may also spend time with one or more of our franchisees providing we are happy with your application.

Where is Card Connection based?

  • Card Connection H/O is based in Farnham, Surrey, which is also the base for initial training.

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