Spreading the Love on Valentine’s Day


“Valentine’s Day will always be celebrated while there’s love in the world,” smiles Card Connection’s Creative Director, Kelly Courtenay, “Which is why we’ve put such a lot of love and care into our new Valentine’s ranges.”
For 2020 Card Connection have produced 36 new designs for their Core range, whilst The Collection range features 24 brand new cards.

Kelly explains that the breadth of designs across the two ranges reflects the different way couples approach this special day. “For some it’s just a bit of fun, so they are looking for a light-hearted card, perhaps even humorous. For others, it’s a much more heartfelt opportunity to express their love through a card and that’s where our on-trend contemporary designs or stylish classic looks get chosen.”

Making sure there’s something for everyone is an important part of the design process. “Whether we’re talking younger couples, fresh to a relationship, or those older partners who perhaps have been married for many years, what they are looking for in a card can be vastly different,” continues Kelly, “Then as well as heterosexual couples, we need to cater for same sex relationships, too.”
“Everyone deserves to be loved, so everyone deserves a Valentine’s Day card from Card Connection.”