Getting on Santa’s ‘Good List’ for Recycling

Recylcle Me

Card Connection’s range of Greeting cards play a big part in helping people to celebrate Christmas, but when the festivities are over, the company also wants to be able to celebrate their efforts in facilitating the recycling process of its products, too.

Christmas-Merry-Bright.jpg“Sustainability is a key part of a company acting responsibly and we take it very seriously,” explains Michael Card Connection’s Managing Director Michael Johnson, “That’s why our products are covered by a number of different initiatives.”
“Firstly, to minimise our impact on the environment we only use responsibly sourced boards and paper. There is still a lot of confusion amongst consumers as to what can be recycled, we’ve added recycling advice to all of our cards.”
“Glitter particles stuck onto Christmas cards, whilst being festive, can also hinder their recycling, so from 2021 all Card Connection’s Christmas ranges are glitter-free.”
Keen to dispel claims from the ill-informed that all Christmas wrapping paper is non-recyclable, the company are equally careful with the materials that they use.

“It’s true of some types of gift wrap that are printed on a plastic film, or on paper that uses shiny foils and sparkly glitters, but we use none of these things,” continues Johnson. “Also, the increase in soft plastic recycling points means even the shrink wrap film that protects our rollwrap is no longer the issue it used to be, making ALL our giftwrap recyclable.”

“We don’t want families across the nation to lose out on the enjoyment of sending and receiving Christmas cards, or to miss out on the simple pleasure of opening their brightly wrapped gifts,” concludes Johnson, “So you can buy our products safe in the knowledge that we’re doing our part towards sustainability and in doing so make sure you can enjoy more of a worry-free Christmas.”