Bigger is Always Better for Card Connection Franchisee


When it comes to growing his business, Robin Brisbourne, Card Connection’s franchisee in North Wales has become the very definition of ‘Mr Consistent.’

In fact, his territory has shown growth in every year since he took on the franchise in 2012. “I challenged myself back then to try to boost the business by over 50%, taking it from a turnover of £130k to £200k. Now it’s a case of Mission Accomplished,” smiles Robin.

Compared to many of the greeting card publisher’s other franchisees, Robin hasn’t always benefited from the network’s growth of national accounts, so he has had to find his own ways of beefing up his sales.

The merchandising routes for the 165 stores he supplies are regularly re-planned and refined. His card display layouts are constantly changed to take advantage of key sales trends card customers’ desire for higher price points.

Robin-Display.jpgProduct is, of course, at the heart of his business. Robin recognizes this, so it’s always at the forefront of his thinking. Back at base, his stockroom has trebled in size over the years, so that he can support the full range of products Card Connection has to offer.

“I’ve been lucky enough to find two great support staff and I’ve always involved them in every aspect of the business to keep them motivated and engaged,” explains Robin. “We never stop seeking new business, and I have ‘target list’ of competitor outlets that I’m keen for us to crack.”

Robin also generates plenty of referrals from existing customers. “It’s a close-knit community in Wales, and my customers seem happily to recommend me to others, which is a wonderful sign,” smiles a grateful Robin.

With great products a such positive attitude, there’s no surprise his business continues to thrive from one year to the next.