Boofle 15

Three months into her new join role as CEO of greeting card publishers UK Greeting and Chairman of Card Connection, Ceri Stirland is feeling pretty pleased with the state of the UK’s greetings card market.

Ceri-Pic.jpg“Consumer participation in greeting cards is at an all-time high,” she explains, “with our latest research tracker report showing 94% of UK adults bought at least one card in the last year.”
She has lots more to feel proud about, too:

• UK Greeting is a £100million + market leading business
• Employs 3500 people across 4 sites
• Supplies 10,000 retail outlets with cards and other accessories

Another mayor achievement is towards the company’s sustainability credentials.

“By the end of the year we will have re-shored 60% of all or production in the UK,” confirms Ceri, substantially reducing the carbon footprint of the business as a whole.

A very visible flagship of sustainability to the public is UKG Boofle character, a highly popular and lovable pup character, celebrating his 15th birthday this year. Printed on recycled board, with envelopes made of recycled paper and anything attached the card being completely recyclable.
Ceri adds, “Our focus on sustainability and how we reduce our carbon emissions will continue, because it is the right thing to do – for our customer, their customers and our planet, both now and in the future”.