12 Good Reasons to Invest in a Card Connection Franchise!


In these difficult times, if you’re looking to invest in a new business opportunity that offers you a stable and dependable income, how about a greeting card franchise with Card Connection?

Across our current franchise network of over 50 franchisees, the average number of years they have run their areas is well over 12 years.

FB.jpgAs a franchisor, we think that represents a serious vote of confidence!

But then again, in the 30 years Card Connection has been trading, greeting cards have proven amazingly resilient in the face of tough economic times. Even the Covid Pandemic couldn’t buck this trend, with our sales coming through that crisis with flying colours.
No wonder our franchisees seem to know a good thing when they’ve found it. So much so in fact, that 50% of our network have been with us for over 15 years and 25% of our wonderfully loyal franchisees have held their franchises for over 20 years!

We proud of our franchise network and we believe the length of their commitment to our mutual success speaks volumes about our award-winning business model.

Card Connection currently have a small number of established territories up for sale. For more information about these areas, and to discover more about Card Connection please visit www.cardconnection.co.uk