UCA Greeting Card Live Brief

Creative Shot

On Tuesday, four members of the Card Connection creative team spent the morning sharing knowledge and insight about the greeting card industry with first year students at Farnham UCA.

Uni.jpgNot only were we there to talk about designing greetings cards, but also to set a live brief to the students – with the best design chosen winning the opportunity to be printed and sold by Card Connection!

Around 150 Graphic Design and Illustration students all currently studying at the University for the Creative Arts were involved.

Shaun Bateman, Kelly Courtenay, Debra Hodgson and Beni Wibisono did a fantastic job in sharing their own experiences as well as promoting greeting cards and the industry to the next generation of consumers and potential card designers!

Creative-Shot-scaled.jpgAll four of us were first year art students once too, so it was great to be able to support our local community, as well as provide a taste of a first commercial brief to young designers. Let’s hope we’ve helped to inspire a few and enable them to appreciate greeting cards in a whole new light!