Triumph in Adversity


Were all painfully aware of the difficulties many sectors of the economy have suffered during the Covid pandemic, but there are some examples of companies who have still thrived.  One such is greeting card publisher, Card Connection, who saw an 8.7% increase to their sales in 2020.

Managing Director Michael Johnson explains this phenomenon. “As we supply the convenience sector which remained open during the various restrictions, we have managed by hook or by crook to carry on supplying those stores.  It’s a testament to strength of the publics’ desire to want to stay in touch with their friends and family by sending greeting cards that we’ve seen this increased level of sales.”

In fact, the annual 8.7% rise with 47 franchisees in growth, is the biggest in the company’s almost 30-year history.

“Of course, it’s tremendous reward to our franchise network and all their hard work in continuing to find ways to supply all our customers in a Covid safe ways in incredibly testing environments,” continues Johnson, “but there isn’t a franchisee among them who wouldn’t give up every single extra sale to have things back the way they were before the virus.”