The Card Connection Chairman’s Award 2019

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Positivity, team work and going that extra mile are all qualities to be admired in business, but when sales dominate much of the retail landscape, not ones that are always fully applauded. That’s why Card Connection set aside an annual award to specifically recognise these qualities.
On Friday May 17th 2019 this award went to Vinny Robinson, their franchisee for Chester. The award was presented by James Conn, CEO of UK Greetings and Chairman of Card Connection, alongside Managing Director Michael Johnson.
“Vinny was quietly getting on with growing sales in his Chester area, when suddenly we had a departure from our Liverpool territory” explained Johnson. “Vinny quickly stepped into the breach and committed himself to being a caretaker for the neighbouring area. Being the busiest seasonal period, it was in many ways the worst time he could have chosen, so with zero preparation he had to quickly get to grips with double the workload! Despite the pressures in keeping both territories turning over, he proved himself to be the man for job and always remaining positive. A genuine and conscientious franchisee, he epitomises everything the award was created for.”