After 8 years as Card Connection franchisee for Glasgow, Elaine Anderson could be excused if she took her foot off the gas a little. Not a bit of it. In the last year she’s recorded an almost 29% growth in sales!
How has she managed this? Her Franchise Manager, Andrew Henderson sums it up in one word – TRUST. “She builds great relationships with her customers, so when she makes suggestions for how to improve their greeting card sales, they trust her judgement,” he explains.

Here are just a few examples:

• Trading up to higher price points, trusting customers will pay more for special cards for the special people in their lives
• Trusting previous sales data to plan tailor-made product mixes specific to each store’s customers
• Trusting the quality of her product by always supporting new cards ranges to constantly give customers something fresh and exciting
• Getting permission to install lots of non-card products like giftwrap, gift and bottle bags, keepsakes and party products and rewarding the store manager’s trust by delivering them extra profits
• Investing in new display fixtures, trusting they will more than pay for themselves through improved sales
• Trusting the advice of her franchisor Card Connection who constantly work hard on her behalf

E2.jpg“Much of her success has come through spending time developing her best customers and trusting herself to let go of time-consuming accounts with poor potential,” explains Andrew. “In that way she has achieved her amazing success by giving her very best service to 10% fewer stores than when she first took on her franchise.”
No surprise then, that Elaine is trusted and supportive colleague to her surrounding Scottish franchisees and admired for being in the top 20% performers across the entire Card Connection network of nearly 60 franchise territories.