Showing Mum’s That We Care!

Snip Mum

Mums will always have a special place in our hearts, but on Mother’s Day, they have a special place in our wallets, too.
Card Connection’s Managing Director, Michael Johnson explains: “Pound for pound, Euro for Euro, people spend more per card on average on Mother’s Day, than they do for Valentine’s or Father’s Day, so the mix of designs and price points in our Mother’s Day ranges reflects this trend.”
For 2019 Card Connection have produced 36 new designs for their Core range and a further 24 brand new cards in their Collection range.
Contemporary and cute designs form the heart of Card Connection’s offering, with floral themes, feminine colour palettes and loving sentiment being high on the agenda.

“Having a larger percentage of higher price point product allows us to really go to town with our design finishes,” explains Card Connection’s Creative Director, Kelly Courtenay. “Whether it’s tasteful foils or subtle glitters, our in-house studio work hard to make sure the designs both attract customers but also to help justify the cost of the cards.”
“It’s in The Collection range where our designers get to let loose the most,” continues Kelly, “Here the cards may be proportionately smaller than in our Core range, but they really are small but perfectly formed! The combination of multiple foils, many of them embossed, intricate laser die cutting, plus elegant gems and attractive charms really makes them the jewels in our crown.”
“For everything Mums do, they really deserve that little bit extra, and with Card Connections Mother’s Day ranges we make sure they’ll get it!”