Card Conection Products - What's New

October 2019

Happy Smiles

Daytime TV

Party Dogs

Frozen Adventure Awaits

September 2019

Actual Size

Pastel Butterflies

Auntie Fabulous Birthday

Sunny Thoughts

Folk Floral

Gift Toucan

Sunny Get Well

Financial Scam

August 2019

Starry Forest

Flock Pattern

Muppet Leaving

Red and White Dots

Male Laser Birthday

Amazing Flamingo Birthday

July 2019

Harry Potter Birthday

Stitched Felt Bear

More of the Fizzy

Grumpy Cat

Colourful Cocktails

Blabber Bird

Minion Circles Wrap

Flower Stems

Big Miracles Boy

Big Miracles Girl

Happy Colourful Text

Lily of the Valley

June 2019

Balloons Away

Unbelievable Unicorn