On Air With Card Connection


When The BBC comes calling, who are Card Connection to refuse? 


The British Franchise Association had put forward a shortlist of names to the BBC when the were asked to provide good candidates for a short feature the BBC wanted to do on family run Franchisees in the Oxford area.  Card Connection stood out as the most interesting!  

Card Connection’s husband and wife Franchisee team of Gayan Weerakkody & Anjana Asoka were then filmed by the BBC in early January, with the interview being broadcast as both TV and radio features.

Gayan & Anjana purchased the Oxford area in May 2015 and within 3 years of investing in the franchise they had been successful enough to purchase their first home.

BBC-2.jpgThe BBC were particularly interested in how the family run the franchise from their home, so filming took place in their stock room, as they explained the process of planning, picking, packing and delivering Card Connection’s range of greeting cards to their retailers.  As it’s very much a family affair, even Gayan’s daughter Oneli got to enjoy her moment of fame in the media spotlight!