Let’s hear it for the Mums!


Customers dig deeper into their purses and wallets for a Mother’s Day card than they do for either Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day, which, considering everything they do for us, is exactly how it should be!

Mothers.jpgFor Mother’s Day 2020 Card Connection offer 60 very varied new designs, spread across two different ranges.  

“Contemporary and cute designs are at the heart of our ranges,” explains Card Connection’s Creative Director, Kelly Courtenay, “with floral themes, feminine colour palettes and heart-felt sentiment high on customers’ shopping-lists.”     

And since customers spend more for cards for their Mums, you’ll find there is a larger proportion of higher price point cards for Mother’s Day, allowing the use more expensive eye-catching or attractive print finishes. 

“Elegant foiled elements, embosses or die cut areas helps enhance and embellish the different design styles, so as well as visually attracting customers they help justify the cost of the cards to customers,” adds Kelly.   

Mothers-2.jpgIn the Collection range, where the card formats are smaller than the Card Connection’s Core range, it’s very much a case of being small but perfectly formed.  The clever combinations of multiple foils, many of them embossed, intricate laser die cutting, plus elegant gems and attractive charms contributes greatly to their appeal with customers.   

Kelly concludes; “They say a Mum’s work is never done, but we like to think we’ve done everything in our power to create fun and beautiful Mother’s Day cards that all those wonderful Mums really deserve.”