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Card Connection have celebrated a successful year across UK and Ireland by completing their network wide programme of December regional meetings, during which they were able to thank their franchisees for their contribution towards the network’s double-digit growth in 2021.

“Through another year of difficult and shifting Covid pressures our franchisees have really pulled out all the stops to keep their customers supplied with greeting cards, with their efforts being rewarded with some record-breaking sales,” explains Card Connection Managing Director, Michael Johnson.

The first two of the company’s six meetings we were able to be face-to-face, but unfortunately ri


sing Covid infections meant it was only responsible of them to move their remaining four meetings online. “Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of technology that didn’t stop all our franchisees from being able to individually contribute their views and experiences towards our future business strategies,” continues Johnson.

Each meeting Darren-Michael.jpgended with smiling franchisees receiving notification of their incentive payments, based on the sales growth of their individual territories.
Changing shopping habits by the general public who were not able, or not so willing to travel into city centres has provided a major boost to the convenience sector experts base of retailer customers.


“Card Connection supply some 12,000 local stores nationwide, so we are hoping that these changes in buying patterns will prove to be a long-term benefit to us, as card buyers recognise the strength of our great card range than can be bought locally,” concludes Johnson.