Greetings from Lockdown


B1.jpgStaying in touch has never been more important in these socially-distanced times. Fortunately Greeting Card Publisher Card Connection has been able to keep life’s most positive occasions catered for. As most of their customer base is convenience stores that have remained open during lockdown, the company have managed to keep the general public supplied with all those lovely cards they need to mark those important moments.

“In May alone, we still managed to release 35 brand new designs to add to our range,” said Creative Director, Kelly Courtenay.

B2.jpgAlthough supplying stock to stores had been tricky, Card Connection’s franchisee network have been resourceful in working within the movement and social distancing guidelines. “It’s not quite the pre-virus level of customer service we pride ourselves in,” concedes Kelly, “But we’ve had feedback from lots of grateful stores, who have still been able to supply customers with their beloved cards.”

B3.jpg“Whether it a birthday, anniversary, or just wanting to say thank you to friends or key workers, we’ve managed to get the new designs out to our network, to give people positive reasons to smile during these difficult times.”