Area Description

Predominantly centred on Liverpool, this area also takes in satellite towns such as Widnes, Runcorn and St Helens, giving a solid foundation for success.  Conscientiously managed and developed by a professional couple, it is ideally suited to a hard-working and ambitious partnership.  the area has a vaird profile of customers which have exhibited strong brand loyalty over a number of years.


Area Details
Area Number 302 Trading Since 2007
Size of Business
Annual Sales £84,500 Number of Outlets Trading 108
Gross Profit note 1 £28,846
Investment Required
Goodwill note 2 £12,000
Stock & Display Equipment note 3 £18,900
Other note 4 £6,540
Total note 5 £37,440


  1. Gross Profit is based on draft accounts. If proceeding to the next stage you will need to verify the figures from the selling franchisee’s accounts, which will be made available to view.
  2. Goodwill price is calculated according to the level of Gross Profit achieved and is subject to final negotiation between yourself and the selling franchisee.
  3. The value of stock and display equipment is an estimate only, and a full and accurate stock take is carried out at time of sale. We have strict criteria on what stock can be transferred to ensure that it is current and appropriate in quantity.
  4. This figure excludes working capital. For guidance, allow around 10% of Annual Sales Turnover. A detailed cash flow will need to be prepared (we can assist in this process if required).
  5. VAT is payable on items in Note 5, but is fully recoverable from HM Revenue & Customs. (VAT is not payable on Goodwill and Stock).
  6. These particulars are for guidance only and do not form part of any contract.