Feeling the Love on Valentine’s Day

Get Connected

Card Connection are very proud of the fresh new designs in their Valentine’s 2019 ranges. “People have been sending Valentines Cards for over 100 years,” explains Creative Director Kelly Courtenay, “So coming up with new approaches and exciting designs is our tough annual challenge. This year, I’m proud to say we’ve excelled ourselves, once more!”
For 2019 Card Connection have produced 36 new designs for their Core range, whilst The Collection range features 24 brand new cards.
As Kelly points out, people approach Valentine’s Day with quite different attitudes, “For some people it’s a light-hearted occasion that calls for a fun or humorous card, for others it’s a chance to show their softer side, so they are looking for a cute design. Then there those who like to use Valentine’s Day as an important opportunity to make a show of their commitment. These people are more likely looking for an attractive contemporary design, with a heartfelt message, or perhaps with some nice written verse sentiment. Both our Valentine’s ranges have to cater for all of these customers.”
“We spend an enormous amount to time and consideration on getting our designs absolutely right,” concludes Kelly, “Then again, what better way to show your love than by choosing a card that has been created with tender loving care?!”