As a writer of articles on franchising for the Daily Mail and many other publications, Linda Whitney points out in her recent ‘What Franchise’ article that the franchise sector is well known for weathering economic storms.
She also highlights that the changes brought about in 2020 by the global pandemic has thrown up winners and well as loses, when it comes to franchise businesses.
Greeting Card franchisors Card Connection are a prime example of this.
Michael Johnson, their MD said, “In the last year our franchise network as a whole has seen sales growth of 8%.” He further explains “Although some of this is down to new business gains, a major factor has been the change in peoples’ shopping habits. During the lockdowns and local restrictions more and more people have been buying local, and the convenience sector is the heart of where our cards are sold.”
This is good news for anyone who might be considering investing in a Card Connection franchise, as all the indicators are that the shift towards convenience amongst consumers is only likely to continue over the coming years.
“The legacy of Covid 19 may be tough times ahead for the economy, but in the nearly 30 years of business as a franchisor, Card Connection can confidently say that their greeting cards have proven to be pretty much recession proof,” explains Johnson.
“So, although the last year has proven nothing is life can ever be truly certain, were pretty confident that people will continue wanting to share life’s most important moments by sending and receiving greeting cards.”