Card Connection’s New Face of Ireland

Cormac 1

Greeting Card Publisher Card Connection welcomes a new member to their sales team, as Cormac Flanagan becomes their Regional Sales Manager covering both Ireland and Northern Ireland.  

With 20 years grocery trade experience across both regional and store management roles, he will be bringing his insight into what’s required to be a successful franchised retailer in the current Irish retail landscape.

“I’ve been on the other side of the fence as a franchisee”, explains Cormac, “so in many ways switching to the franchisor side of things will be like a case of poacher turned gamekeeper!”

Based in Limerick in the West of Ireland, Cormac will support all of the Card Connection’s Irish Territories, four in the Republic and one in Northern Ireland.  “I’m looking forward to developing relationships with the five franchisees and the challenge of wheat is the very specific role of helping others to improve and maximise their businesses”, he said.

Is Cormac phased by the size of his territory? “Not a bit of it” he smiles, “In my previous role I was already travelling up to 2,500 Kilometers per week, so if anything,  this might even be slightly less!”