Card Connection Regional Franchisee of the Year 2022- Martin Rolfe

Martin Rolfe Regional

Over the last year, Card Connections franchisee for Norwich franchisee Martin Rolfe has had to train three new merchandisers, all after losing a long-term employee and a new trainee dropping out after only a matter of a few weeks.

He’s approached the numerous challenges of getting the best out of his new employees with the same determination and “Let’s just get on with it and get the job done” attitude.

His motivation to grow sales after nearly 30 years as a franchisee is just amazing! Most recently he had to overcome the loss of an important account, along with its associated £15,000 of sales revenue, by showing his enduring courage, passion once more. Within just 6 short weeks of losing the account he has opened and installed 12 brand new sites, gained from making cold calls across his franchise territory.