Card Connection Ireland Regional Winner 2021

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McGeown is no stranger to awards for being a top performer at Card Connection. As the franchisee for the whole of Northern Ireland he’s become accustomed to smashing sales records. However, over the last year, as Covid pushed sales of greeting card in essential stores through the roof, he’s had some seriously stiff competition from all the franchisees operating across the whole of Ireland!

Emma-Peter.jpg“Gabe’s ambition and track record of driving sales has always made him one of our network’s top performers,” confirms Cormac Flanagan, Card Connection Regional Sales Manager for Ireland, “But in the last year he’s also had to continue to do that in extremely difficult circumstances.”
McGeown joined Card Connection in 2008, buying the territory of County Antrim, Belfast and North Down. Since then, as Northern Irish territories have come up for sale, he’s taken the opportunity to purchase all of them, and so take advantage of economies of scale to build an impressive and efficient setup.
“It really is icing on the cake for Gabe, as he’s looking to gradually step back from the business and hand more control over to his daughter, Emma McGeown, alongside Operations Manager and long-time right-hand man Peter Robinson,” explains Cormac.