Card Connection Franchisee Grows and Grows Into The Role

Kiri 1

If there’s a blueprint of how to get to grips with a new business challenge, Kirikaran Navaratnam definitely has a copy.

Kiri’s first step in becoming one of the greeting card publishers top franchisees was by helping out the areas previous franchisee. This was to prove the ultimate ‘try before you buy’ experience, when in April 2017 he then purchased the Leicester area as his own.

Kiri’s history of managing both Nisa and BP stores clearly gave him a great insight into the convenience sector, as when he took over the territory he soon had it shooting towards the top of the regions leader board for growth.

And better was yet to come. All the efficient working practices Kiri introduced meant he now had spare time and the capacity to look at majorly growing his business. His attention turned to the nearby Birmingham area, which he then purchased in July 2019 from another neighbouring Card Connection franchisee.

Birmingham was another area showing untapped potential, and Kiri soon worked his magic to push that to new heights, too. All in all, his combined area is currently showing a spectacular 25% growth!

Supported by his wife Thushajini, who meticulously collates, picks, packs the exact customised balance of card designs and stock numbers for each of the stores that Kiri goes to merchandise, it really is a winning team!

Kiri-2.jpg“Kiri has won several sales competitions the company has set for the region,” explained Card Connection’s Regional Sales Manager Darren Hawkins, “Proving once again that his early successes was no flash the pan. Kiri is a real delight to work with, as he’s just one of those people who quietly gets on with the job, but does it really, really well. I’m sure that with his ambitious plans for the next 12 months that there’s more successes to come!”