Be kind, make a difference!

Many acts of kindness go unnoticed, which is how they’re intended. But it’s always wonderful to hear the difference a little kindness can bring to so many.
Our wonderful Berkshire franchisees Colin and Penny, kindly donated wrapping paper to the Royal Berkshire hospital, who every year ensure that each of their 900 patients receives a gift on Christmas day, quite a challenge.
Conference-2019-crop.jpgThe note from the hospital to show their appreciation of Colin and Penny’s generous gift was a pleasure to read and a testament to their kindness.
“Donations such as these really do make a difference to the service we provide at Royal Berkshire Hospital and we truly value and appreciate your kindness and support in helping us make our hospital more friendlier. It is really humbling to work with our community, with individuals and groups of organisations like yourself who are making a difference.
I cannot thank you enough – you are truly amazing in your act of goodwill, consideration, dedication and support.”