spilman 4

spilman-1.jpgCard Connection franchisee Brian Spilman has a track record for making the best of a situation.

Way back in 2006, as the Finance Director of a computer services company that was bought out, he made a bold move of using money from his share options to invest in the Card Connection franchise for Leeds.

Brian soon got to grips with his new career, and when the opportunity presented itself, he wanted to make the most of his franchise and expanded his territory, by purchasing further postcodes.

After many years earning a good living from the stable sales that greeting cards and his ‘Platinum’ territory provided him, Brian once more took stock of his situation.

As keen ramblers and touring caravan owners, Brian and Wife Linda wanted to ease down on things and re-shape their work work/life balance. So, in another bold move, Brian sold roughly half his franchise to his existing merchandiser, knowing it would still be in good hands.

But even with his reduced territory, Brian isn’t resting on his laurels.

He knows that good franchising was all about maximising what you have. So even though his ‘patch’ is now significantly smaller, he still works hard to develop his existing customer store base.

Spilman-2.jpgThe latest example of this, is how Brian upgraded his displays within his top performing Thorougoods store. By making the most of the slat wall space that he’d secured and installing two brand new 1m 16-tier slat wall units, he’s proudly showcasing the greeting card, giftwrap and giftbag ranges that he can supply. 

Spilman-3.jpgIf you’re inspired by the flexibility a Card Connection franchise has afforded Brian, then why not take a look at the territories currently for sale? For more information visit www.cardconnection.co.uk